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GINsim beta

This page contains a beta version of GINsim. For an official release please proceed to the Downloads page.

The GINsim-2.9-BETA.jar file is provided in two distinct versions: with and without the dependency libraries included in the main file.

With dependencies included

Download: GINsim-2.9-BETA-with-deps.jar (24Mb).

Without dependencies included

Download GINsim-2.9-BETA-without-deps.jar (1.8Mb) and the necessary libraries (20Mb).

Don't forget to unzip the file, and place the lib/ directory next to the GINsim-2.9-BETA-without-deps.jar file.

Running instructions

In order to run the GINsim-2.9-BETA version, JAVA version 1.4 or higher is required.

It can be launched directly if your system is properly configured, or with the command:

java -jar GINsim-2.9-BETA.jar

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