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Companion Tools


EpiLog is a tool which makes use of LogicalModel to implement a cellular automata, defining a convenient framework for the qualitative modelling of epithelium pattern formation.
You can obtain more information at


bioLQM is a tool for the manipulation of multi-valued logical models. It provides a set of core interfaces for the interoperability between different logical modelling tools (such as GINsim and EpiLog).
You can get it at


MDDlib is a simple toolkit written in Java for the manipulation of Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (MDD). GINsim uses MDDlib at his core, since all logical functions are represented as MDDs.
You can get it at

Basins of attraction

Using bioLQM in combination with BoolSim a set of Python scripts enable the computation of: attractors, basins of attraction and frontiers between attractors/basins of attraction.
You can get more information and get the code at


FunctionHood is a Java library to locally compute the set of distance-k neighbouring of any monotone Boolean Function. It considers the set of rules described in to avoid generating all possible O(2^2^n) Boolean functions.
You can read the associated publication at and get the code at

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