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Drosophila Notch Signalling pathway


Notch signaling is involved in the modulation of Twist expression and the subdivision of the mesoderm into high and low domain of Twist. The binding of Delta leads to the cleavage and the release of the Notch intracellular domain NICD. During mesoderm specification, NICD can inhibit Twist by forming a complex with EMC, or in combination with Enhancer of split and Suppressor of hairless proteins. In this regard, we modeled the effect of Notch pathway on Twist expression. Our defined initial states reproduce biological data during mesoderm specification. When Delta is ON (high or medium signaling), the level of Twist expression can decrease from 2 to 1 or 0. When Delta is OFF (no signaling), Twist is expressed at its maximal level 2. For more details on Notch signalling pathway and it's role on Twist expression regulation during Drosophila development, see [1]; [2]; [3]; [4]; [5].


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Abibatou MBODJ and Denis THIEFFRY

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