Overview of this tutorial

This short tutorial introduces the main steps to get started with GINsim:

  • the specification of a regulatory graph, illustrated through a simple model of the lysis-lysogeny decision in the phage lambda,

  • the simulation of this model (i.e the construction of the state transition graph),

  • the use of some of the available analysis tools.

Starting GINsim and creating a new model

Upon launch, GINsim will present the following welcome dialog. Select the New graph action to create a new model and open the main window.

The Welcome dialog

The GINsim main window is divided into three distinct regions: the upper part, where you can find the menus and buttons containing the actions valid on the graph type current being visualised; the middle part, where you can find the graph; and the lower part, where you can change modelling and graphical attributes of the graph or its components.

Main window of GINsim

The main window of GINsim, with a new model.