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Differential expression of IL17 isoforms A and F in helper T Lymphocytes


IL-17A and F are critical cytokines in anti-microbial immunity but also contribute to auto-immune pathologies. Recent evidence suggests that they may be differentially produced by T-helper (Th) cells but the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. To address this question, a logical model containing 82 components and 136 regulatory links was developed and calibrated with original flow cytometry data using naive CD4+ T cells in conditions inducing either IL-17A or F. Model analyses led to the identification of the transcription factors NFAT2A, STAT5A and Smad2 as key components explaining the differential expression of IL-17A and IL-17F, with STAT5A controlling IL-17F expression, and an interplay of NFAT2A, STAT5A and Smad2 controlling IL-17A expression.

The analysis notebook is available on github:

Aurélien Naldi

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